Planning Wisely, Advancing Multicultural Worship

Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary is an interdenominational institution of higher learning. We pursue excellence in theological education, especially to the underserved urban communities. As a nonprofit educational organization, the institution depends on the generous gifts from alumni and friends to help fund our mission of providing a superior bachelor’s and master’s level education for our ethnically diverse students.

Many friends of the school have discovered that time spent considering the best ways to plan their giving can help them add or create meaningful contributions while meeting personal financial goals as well.

You will discover new ways to make gifts to Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary you may not have thought possible.

  • You will learn how to give in ways that can actually "give back" for a time, providing extra income in retirement years or to help fund educational expenses and other needs.
  • You can add meaning to your gift by using it to honor a special friend or loved one.
  • You will see how to save money on income, gift, and estate taxes and redirect those amounts for use in ways you choose.
  • You will enjoy your giving more, knowing you are investing in charitable interests in ways that allow you to give the most you can at the lowest possible cost.

That's what effective gift planning is all about. We believe the information presented here will help you maximize the potential of your resources through preserving financial security for yourself and your loved ones while supporting the school as we prepare Christ-centered leaders to address the unique needs of urban communities.